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Choosing toys for the kids is a bit of a minefield, with safety recalls to worry about, concerns over whether toys are appropriate for your child's age group, even worries about durability and suitability. We formed ToysAdvice to help parents make the right decisions when it comes to choosing toys for their children and for others too.
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Ask Our Experts: What is This Toy Safety Mark?, Were Toys Regulated Before the 1995...
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Case Studies: What Kids Want from Toys: A Case Study...
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Computer Games: Choosing Appropriate Video or Computer Games for a Child, Impact of...
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Impact on Children: Toys for Disabled Children, Do Educational Toys Really Help...
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Regulations & Law: Toy Safety Standards in the UK, The Laws on Imported Toys, What Toy...
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Toy Ideas: Best Selling Toys from the 70s, Toy Ideas for Clever Children, The...
Latest Comments
  • mumof2
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    Hello. If i were to make and sell homemade fabric books for toddlers and children. Would these need to be tested? Thanks
    21 February 2017
  • Soci
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    Can you tell me what safety regulations apply to nursing pillows? Does it need to be CE tested? Thank you Jana
    17 February 2017
  • Dmg
    Re: Dangerous Toys and Recalls
    Bunchems caught in hair causing distress to our 5 year old
    11 February 2017
  • Emma
    Re: Toy Safety: What Does the Law Say?
    Hi I bought my son a cot mobile to which he fell and severely hurt himself on. My concern is that it shouldn't be placed…
    11 February 2017
  • ToysAdvice
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    J - Your Question:Hello,If I want to sell toys commercially in large volumes, how far does due diligence get me? If my product…
    10 February 2017
  • Sensorymum
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    Hi, I would like to start selling sensory boxes for infants/babies. I would be sourcing sensory object such as…
    31 January 2017
  • Luckylamb
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    Hi. I've seen a post asking for people to make (crochet) octopuses for special care baby units. Do these need ce testing. Some…
    20 January 2017
  • Trix
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    Hi, could anyone advise me on where to get children's TuTu's tested for safety? The age range will be from 1yr up. Thanks
    18 January 2017
  • ANorm
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    Hi I want to make a felt satchel for kids with animal faces on to be sold, does it need to have a CE label as it's not a toy? As…
    12 January 2017
  • Beth
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    Hey I am looking into setting up my own bisness!! With baby/children's jewellery will I need to get these tested will all…
    7 January 2017
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