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Choosing toys for the kids is a bit of a minefield, with safety recalls to worry about, concerns over whether toys are appropriate for your child's age group, even worries about durability and suitability. We formed ToysAdvice to help parents make the right decisions when it comes to choosing toys for their children and for others too.
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Latest Comments
  • fayemus
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    thank you for reply, I have tried many suppliers in the uk, but they are unwilling to provide certification of en71 part 2 and…
    1 May 2015
  • Linguist
    Re: Gadgets for Learning Languages
    I am looking to buy a present for my grandson who will be 6. He learns French at school. He is very bright and confident loves…
    1 May 2015
  • Reed
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    Does this extend to dog toys? I'm struggling to find out if any safety regulations exist for dog toys. Any advice? Thanks
    28 April 2015
  • ToysAdvice
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    @fayemus. If you plan to do the necessary testing and know what it's made of it should be safe, but you'd probably get some more…
    28 April 2015
  • ToysAdvice
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    @dollybow. There are many companies in the UK offering EN71 certification - a search on the internet will bring you some good…
    27 April 2015
  • sewingsue
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    @countryman. If the clothing was not part of the original toy, it should have its own safety labelling.
    27 April 2015
  • Countryman
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    I have purchased bears from a supplier who imports from china, these have safety tags however clothing is added in the uk and no…
    26 April 2015
  • ToysAdvice
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    @kln12. The British Toy and Hobby Association has some useful information.
    24 April 2015
  • fayemus
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    would yarn imported from China be safe to use to make items to sell? If I had it chemical tested to meet regulations, would it…
    22 April 2015
  • dollybow15
    Re: Toy Safety Standards in the UK
    Hi, I'm currently going through CE testing for my dolls. I'm after using satey eyes, does anyone know where I can get these &…
    22 April 2015
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